As an expert writer and commentator, Dr. Nina regularly tackles topics related to healthy living including weight management, diet and nutrition, personal fitness, self-care, and chronic disease prevention. From scholarly contributions, product reviews and personal anecdotes to interviews, perspectives on current events or reports on new industry trends, she offers fresh, innovative ideas, and delivers high-quality content that is both relevant and reliable.

Dr. Nina’s works have been featured and/or syndicated in well-over 50 top national and international media outlets and includes over two dozen scientific manuscripts, abstracts and book chapters, a self-help book focused titled Leaving Your Fat Behind, and nearly 500 expert articles, how-to videos, and educational podcasts. She also maintains a blog on which provides practical advice, insights and perspectives on all things health and lifestyle.

Through writing and commentary, my goal is to have a positive impact on at least one person’s life every day. That’s a minimum of 365 people a year.

Content Development

A go-to healthy lifestyle expert, industry thought leader, writer, blogger and influencer, Dr. Nina offers fresh insights, provides unique perspectives and produces high-quality content on a range of topics within the realms of health, wellness, fitness, rehabilitation and lifestyle medicine.

Wellness Programs & Services

Working both independently and through partnerships, Dr. Nina offers customized training, workshops and advisory services aimed at promoting wellness, supporting self-care and improving health outcomes in workplace and community settings.

Health Education & Promotion

Dr. Nina designs, creates and evaluates consumer/community health and patient education resources, information and materials in addition to didactics and continuing education programs aimed at health professionals, practitioners and students.

Exercise & Nutrition Interventions

An exercise scientist, certified exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Dr. Nina specializes in designing, developing and evaluating comprehensive interventions for health and fitness optimization, weight management and chronic disease prevention.

Get in Touch

A trusted healthy lifestyle expert and industry thought leader, Dr. Nina offers a full array of personalized services and solutions for consumers and businesses. Get in touch for quotes, booking enquiries or other information.

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