Companies have always cared about their employees. But the overall wellness of employees didn’t really become a business imperative until 2020.

COVID-19 has made organizations realize and react to each employee’s unique situation and, what many found out the hard way, was that company-wide yoga and massage sessions alone weren’t going to cut it.

Nina Cherie Franklin offers a wide range of group coaching and healthy living programs delivered onsite or online, and customized to truly cater to the well-being of employees.

Whether it’s a one-time keynote, a weekly wellness seminar or recurring coaching, Nina Cherie Franklin engages organizations of all types and sizes with empathy and evidence-based group coaching and online/onsite courses and programs. She prides herself on meeting people where they are.

Organizations will benefit from a variety of offerings in the areas of exercise and nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, mindset and overall healthy living, aimed at helping employees bring their best selves to work. Learn more about Nina’s group coaching and custom programs below.

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