Wellness is, well, personal. From micro and macro lifestyle choices to short- and long-term perceptions of body image, exercise and food, our history with wellness shapes our future with wellness.

For those challenged with excess weight, chronic disease or addiction recovery, or those who simply prefer one-on-one support, healthy living coach Nina Cherie Franklin provides personalized wellness programs for individuals to attain reachable goals.

Whether it’s a sedentary lifestyle, a sugar-laced diet, unmanaged stress, sustaining weight loss or stagnant results, Nina Cherie Franklin can help individuals overcome their biggest challenges. She meets people where they are, and actually listens to what they want.

Her clients benefit from getting the personalized guidance and ongoing support needed to achieve their personal-best goals, better health outcomes, and an overall higher quality of life. Learn more about Nina’s one-on-one coaching and other services below.

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