Human Resources Professionals

Professionals in human resources (HR) have long advocated for healthy living and wellness programs for employees. Efforts range from providing the right benefits package to promoting the right work-life balance.

But what HR professionals continue to find, however, is that one-size-fits-all programs don’t work for employees needing to move on to the next task versus moving every day or making better lifestyle choices.

Nina Cherie Franklin offers a variety of group coaching and healthy living programs delivered onsite or online, and customized to truly cater to the well-being of employees.

Whether it’s a one-time keynote, a weekly wellness seminar or recurring coaching, Nina Cherie Franklin works with HR professionals to engage organizations of all types and sizes with empathy and evidence-based group coaching and online/onsite courses and program.

HR professionals will benefit from an engaged and empowered workforce, that’s healthier, happier, less stressed and, in turn, more productive. Learn more about Nina’s group coaching and custom programs below.

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