Leaders are only as strong as their team. Those who prioritize their wellness can lead by example and, in turn, inspire their team. Yet, healthy living is rarely discussed proactively at a team level and even more rarely dissected at an executive level. Rather, it’s reactively discussed after illness or burnout strikes.

For leaders recognizing the parallels between personal wellness and professional performance, Nina Cherie Franklin offers a variety of custom programs for one-on-one coaching aimed at executives, group coaching for their teams, and online/onsite healthy living programs for maximum results and flexibility.

Whether you’re an executive wanting to reach peak performance at work, or wanting your team members to do the same, Nina Cherie Franklin’s executive offerings are highly effective and include one-on-one coaching and group coaching in addition to online/onsite courses and programs.

Her executive clients benefit from reduced stress levels, better-quality sleep habits, increased productivity, enhanced mental and physical function, and improved personal and professional relationships. Learn more about Nina’s coaching, programs and other service offerings below.

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