Dr. Nina’s Services

A trusted healthy lifestyle expert, thought leader and sought-after consultant, speaker and author, Dr. Nina has worn professional hats in the corporate and commercial fitness space, academia, medicine, nonprofit sectors and the blogosphere. Leveraging her 20-plus years of extensive training, hands-on experience and industry know-how, she offers an array of personalized services for consumers and businesses, largely within the following domains:

  • Weight management and fitness optimization
  • Exercise prescription and programming
  • Diet, nutrition and lifestyle interventions
  • Health and wellness promotion and outreach
  • Chronic disease prevention and management
  • Risk reduction and population health management
  • Patient education and consumer health solutions
  • Complementary and integrative rehabilitation

Whether you’re seeking consultancy in program design, development or delivery, high-quality content or educational resources, expert insights to map out your landscape of opportunities in the health, wellness and fitness space, market research or due diligence support for a new product or service, consider Dr. Nina as your go-to authority. She’s also available for speaking engagements, interviews and media appearances throughout the year.

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