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Healthy living coach Nina Cherie Franklin offers behavioral-driven coaching and programs for sustained wellness. She challenges the industry through her contributions to scientific journals and national media publications while leveraging her academic background and extensive experience in health, wellness and fitness to empower everyone to make lasting change.

By meeting people wherever they are in life, Nina engages, educates and inspires others to take control over their personal situation, make conscious lifestyle choices, and overcome their personal barriers to healthy living, without the shame of past failures from ill-fitting programs. This is done through three empathy-led, evidence-based and equity-driven services. Read more below.

Healthy Living Services for Individuals and Groups

Partnerships and Collaborations

What Nina’s Clients Are Saying

“I visited my Doctor for a yearly check-up and learned that my cholesterol and blood pressure levels were abnormal. I didn’t know or understand what any of the numbers meant. My Doctor told me to watch the starchy foods and lose weight. That’s it! Hysterical about all that was going on I reached out to Nina for some virtual coaching. Her coaching style immediately put me at ease. It was like a conversation with a knowledgeable friend. In just a few sessions she brought clarity to everything and helped me make very simple lifestyle changes without disrupting my routine. My numbers are now normal, and I’m still losing weight.”

“I used to say, ‘I work out to eat’ and my body reflected that mantra. I worked out 6 days a week and ran almost daily training for half marathons. My body was in shape, but my weight was stagnant. I was never able to reach my goal weight and I was always bloated. I started one of Nina’s 28-day programs in January 2019 at a weight of 152 pounds. By the end of the program, I’d not only lost 12 pounds, but I felt great! My body had leaned out, I was no longer bloated, and my skin brightened. It’s been over a year and I continue to follow everything I learned from Nina. And, I’m happy to say that I’ve remained at my goal weight.”

“On multiple occasions, I consulted with Nina about my high blood pressure. She taught me exactly what my blood pressure numbers meant, explained how each number was connected to my lifestyle behaviors, and counseled me on my lifestyle choices. Nina helped me make slow and gradual changes to my eating habits and created a customized exercise plan for me. By following her advice and coaching I was able to normalize my blood pressure within a few months. Shortly thereafter my Doctor took me off of blood pressure medication and I’ve been feeling great. Nina truly saved my life.”

“I would absolutely recommend Nina to anyone who’s ready for the ultimate learning experience. I grew up reading Encyclopedias and I feel like, from A-Z including the reference manuals, Nina is one. From my physical health, sleep habits and even emotional issues, I’ve never had a question that I didn’t get answered in full details that I could easily understand. I’m able to hear and physically feel the details Nina provides in real time. So, if you want a pool of information and advice for taking control of your health, she is your person. Nina is caring, concerned, and proven. Without her, I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am.”

“Back in 2013, I started a diet and managed to drop 70 pounds. After seeing my results, my husband decided to start the same diet for his weight loss and for support. Five years later, we both hit a weight loss plateau that we couldn’t get out of. Frustrated, I decided to reach out to Nina for help. With her guidance, I’ve changed ‘how I eat’ versus just ‘what I eat’ and it’s made a world of difference. My husband has again followed my lead and changed ‘how’ he eats. He recently expressed that doing so has relieved his back pain. As a truck driver he sits for 80% of his job so that’s saying a lot about the effects of ‘how we eat’ on our joints. We can’t thank Nina enough for putting us on the right path to a healthier lifestyle.”

“I highly recommend Nina as a coach. I initially sought out her services back in 2011 as a total newbie to exercise and healthy living in general. She’s completely changed my life for the better. Nina has not only coached me through all the ins and outs of exercising, but she’s also given me the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For that, I am forever grateful. I continue to learn from her, as she has a real knack for breaking down very complex information about how the body works and responds to food and exercise. Nina is my go-to source for everything healthy and working with her has been a wonderful experience.”

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