Weight (resistance) training fundamentals tend to be a real mystery for many people. Both novice and some experienced lifters alike struggle with the basics, like proper exercise selection and execution, and manipulating repetitions and sets—Even though they think they’re doing it all right. Beginners who haven’t a clue often resort to spending their valuable workout time watching and emulating more experienced lifters. Unfortunately, some ‘experienced’ folks don’t know what they’re doing either.

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It’s important for you to approach weight training with a solid understanding of the basics and a carefully laid out plan so you can experience some real results. Time is always of the essence. So, to make the process a little easier for you, I’ve laid out three key essentials for establishing a weight training plan that’ll work for you (click on each link for more information):

    1. Establish your training goals and schedule
    2. Choose your exercises and equipment wisely
    3. Determine appropriate loads, repetitions, and sets

Once you’ve read through these fundamentals and feel pretty comfortable implementing them, you can begin to establish a weight training plan that suits your individual needs. But, if you’re still unclear about the basics of weight training you should consult with a qualified health or fitness professional.