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Major Conditions Associated with Low Back Pain Nina Cherie Franklin

Major Conditions Associated with Low Back Pain

Learn More About Low Back Pain At some point in time, almost everyone will experience low back pain as its prevalence greatly increases with age. To learn more about preventing and/or treating low back pain, visit The National Institute of…
The DASH PYRAMID Nina Cherie Franklin

The DASH Pyramid

I've been advocating healthy eating for over 15 years and the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) eating plan still remains to be among only a few that I've ever endorsed.  This plan was originally developed to protect against…
Sample Weight Training Log

Sample Weight Training Log

Measuring your progress during weight training is a great way to reinforce achievement of your goals. A training log is one of many common methods by which you can do this. Above is a sample log with all weight training fundamentals includ…