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What to Look for in a Fitness Tracking Device

With the widespread promotion of physical activity and exercise, new breeds of fitness tracking devices are hitting the mainstream market every day. Most of these devices can be beneficial for tracking some level of daily activity. Whether or not…

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Estimating Your Metabolic Rate and Daily Calorie Needs

Metabolism (also known as metabolic rate) is the rate at which your body inherently burns calories to fuel vital functions like breathing, blood pressure regulation, heart function, and brain activity. These calories are obtained from three essential macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) housed in the foods you eat.…

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3 Ways To Achieve Successful Weight Loss For Free

In spite of what you might have assumed from claims made in mainstream advertisements and the thousands of diet and exercise plans on the market, losing weight doesn’t require a significant financial investment. Take it from someone who experienced successful weight loss and…

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Simple Ways to Enjoy Alcohol Without Gaining Weight

Occasional drinking has clear health benefits but drinking too much can exert numerous adverse side effects including unwanted weight gain. Alcoholic beverages are derived from simple sugars and starches but they actually contain more calories than these carbohydrates. In…

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How to Work Out Without Losing Weight

Many years ago I exercised for the sole purpose of losing weight and ultimately maintaining a killer physique. Sure, doing so also made me feel strong, energized and completely unstoppable, but in the end, it was all about the…

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Establishing a Weekly Workout Plan

People often ask me for advice and tips on starting a workout routine for weight loss, physical fitness or general good health. I always emphasize that such goals are best achieved through a program that combines cardiovascular (cardio) exercise with resistance (weight)…

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Understanding the Process of Weight Management

Have you achieved a significant weight loss goal through dieting? If so, congratulations! Now, how do you intend on keeping the weight off? After working with hundreds of clients over the years and 2500+ pounds of fat lost, I’ve…

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Five Tips For Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

With all the freshly baked cookies, cakes, and pies surrounding you during the holiday season it’s probably not the best time of the year to start a rigorous weight loss program. But, there’s absolutely no reason why you have to…

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Stop Calling Me Skinny!

Have you recently experienced a dramatic weight loss and now sense that people are treating you differently? Are you suddenly hearing things like you’re “getting too skinny” or you “look sick”? If the answer to either of these questions is…