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A Review of Designer Protein All-Natural Protein Powders

You’re probably already aware that adequate protein intake is critical for building and maintaining healthy muscle mass. But, it also supports long-term weight control by boosting metabolism, reducing cravings, and keeping hunger levels at bay. While most people can…

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Five Fitness-Centric Must-Haves for Summer

Summertime is almost here! Whether you’re new to working out, a weekend athlete or you work out every day, there are certain items you’ll need to support the increased demands on your body as you exercise in the heat.…

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The YOO HD Fitness Tracker: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

With widespread promotion of physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors, new breeds of wearable fitness trackers are hitting the consumer market every day. Pedometers and accelerometers, heart rate monitors, and all-inclusive smartwatch devices are among the most common,…

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Amp Up Your Workout Routine with Vibration Training

I always emphasize the importance of regularly switching up your workout routine. But, funny enough, I sometimes have a hard time doing this myself. Personally, l love resistance training, running, and cycling. They are hobbies of sorts. So, in…

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Review: Why I Recommend LifeSpan Treadmill and Bike Desks

With the widespread promotion of physical activity for good health, new breeds of exercise equipment are hitting the consumer market each and every day. Most of this equipment is specifically designed for performing low-to-high intensity levels of cardio exercise…

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My Expert Take on ACEL Graduated Compression Socks

With the widespread promotion of physical activity and exercise, new breeds of performance-enhancing activewear and sports apparel are hitting the market every day. As an exercise scientist, recreational athlete and true health advocate, I’m always on the hunt for…

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Is Your Girdle Doing More Harm than Good?

For centuries girdles, body shapers, and other shapewear have been mass-produced to meet the needs of women wishing to easily and effortless achieve the coveted hourglass figure. But, for the first time ever these apparatuses are being touted as spot…