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Nutrition Strategies for Women Trying to Bulk Up

While more women than ever before are reaping the numerous health benefits of weight training, most still have an underlying fear of “getting bigger” or “bulking up”. But, believe it or not, there are still many women with the…

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Seven Healthy Ways to Enjoy Your Sushi Experience

As a health-conscious foodie, I always make an effort to get the most nutritional bang for my buck, especially when dining away from home. Sushi has always fit the bill perfectly! Believe it or not, when the right combination…

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The Best Time to Eat Fruit

I’m a diehard salad connoisseur known for my flamboyant blends of veggies, fruit, and seafood. Interestingly, whenever I post a salad recipe or pic, someone almost always questions my choice of including fruit. Now, everyone knows that eating fruit…

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Translating the Ingredients List of Food Labels

The “ingredients” list of food labels is where the food industry deceives unknowing consumers the most. You’ve probably heard this in some way before, but I’ll just reiterate: If the ingredients listed on a package don’t sound familiar, sensible,…

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Understanding Serving Size Values on Food Labels

The “serving size” of a packaged product is always shown at the very top of the Nutrition Facts label. This is essentially the amount of food recommended to account for one serving. Serving sizes are typically listed in pieces,…

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Why Water is More Important Than Food

Water is perhaps the most overlooked yet most essential nutrient in a healthy, balanced diet, as nearly every cell, tissue and organ system depends on it. While water doesn’t supply the body with energy in the form of calories,…

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Five Strategies for Eating Well with a Lung Condition

When compared to the average person, individuals with lung conditions (chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema) use way more energy during breathing. Such breathing problems are primarily a result of narrowing and inflammation (swelling) of the lung’s airways. In general,…

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How Different Types of Fiber Affect Your Health

The average American diet is severely lacking in fiber. This is not a good thing, as regular intake of fiber has been shown to promote weight loss and reduce the risk of numerous diet-linked chronic diseases including colorectal and…