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How to Tone Your Thighs with Dumbbells

There are many resistance training exercises you can perform to give your thighs a sleek and shapely appearance. Dumbbells are great for working the thighs and other muscles of the lower body as they are relatively cheap and pretty…

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How to Reduce the Appearance of a Pear Shape

Women with pear shapes tend to carry excess weight in the lower body. Excess body fat can make the pear shape look highly exaggerated but a lack of muscle tone makes it look a lot worse. In order to reduce the appearance of…

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Effective Ways to Use a Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine is a very diverse piece of equipment that allows you to perform a variety of exercises for your lower body, primarily your glutes, thighs, and legs. Check out this clip to see some of the best…

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Performing Lunges on a Smith Machine

Lunges are one of the most effective compound exercises for working the muscles of your hips, thighs, and butt. Performing lunges on a Smith machine allows for greater control and stability during the movement. Check out this video clip…

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The Best Way to Use a Leg Press Machine

Most health clubs and gyms are packed full of the newest weight lifting equipment. A particularly diverse piece of equipment that I’m often asked about is the leg press machine. As implied by its name, the leg press is primarily designed to train lower…

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Building a Sculpted Lower Body with Weight Training

Having a solid resistance (weight) training routine is critical for weight loss, long-term weight management, and optimal health. Regularly performing a combination of both upper and lower body exercises is also crucial, the latter of which I’m focusing on here. A…