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A Simple Guide to Eating Sensibly

I always emphasize that eating sensibly is an absolute must for successful weight loss, long-term weight management, and overall good health. But, what does it actually mean to eat sensibly? Eating sensibly essentially involves incorporating a diet that’s rich…

Live Well

Be Responsible: An Argument for Self-Care

I’ve never been shy about voicing my opinions about conventional healthcare, especially when it comes to shortcomings in preventive care quality. If you aren’t familiar with the term, “preventive care” essentially refers to any form of healthcare specifically aimed…

Live Well

What You Need to Know About Being “Big-Boned”

Ever heard the statement: “I’m not fat, I’m just big boned?” Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. Unfortunately, the “big-boned” theory is one that’s all too commonly misconstrued by people as justification for being overweight or obese when, in…

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Portion Size Essentials for Weight Management

A lot of people overeat due to a misunderstanding of portion sizes. Portion sizes are often considered serving sizes but they’re not the same. Many pre-portioned foods actually contain multiple servings. For instance, the recommend serving size for soda is…

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Beware of the Grocery Store Tasting Station

Are you one of the many folks who love to frequent the grocery store for the sole purpose of getting free samples of meats and cheeses, cereals, snack foods, pre-packaged meals, and desserts? Be careful, as just a few…

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Three Ways to Work Out at Home Without Exercising

Many people don’t like gyms. Personally, after years and years of being an unapologetic gym rat, I’ve now crossed over to a point that over 80 percent of my workouts are performed either outdoors or at home using my…

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3 Ways to Get Energized and Motivated to Workout

For many, the anticipation of working out inherently evokes feelings of laziness and lethargymany people, the anticipation of working out inherently evokes feelings of laziness and lethargy because they hate it so much. Then there are others who may…