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Live Well

Three Simple Tips for Living Healthy in the Summer

With the summertime here and in full effect I hope you’re sticking with your New Year’s resolutions to stay healthy and physically fit. Given that the summer is a season of vacations, picnics, cookouts, happy hour, pizza by the…

Live Well

Macronutrients: Three Key Essentials of Healthy Eating

If you’re one who regularly seeks out the latest and greatest in health, fitness and nutrition information, you’ve likely heard the term “macros” tossed around. But, what does it actually mean? The answer is pretty simple. Macros is basically…

Get Fit

A New Resolution: Breaking the Sedentary Cycle

Each and every year people resolve to initiate an exercise training program for health and/or weight loss purposes. Unfortunately, they assume that after a year (or even years) of physical inactivity, they can pick up where they left off…