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Five Fitness-Centric Must-Haves for Summer

Summertime is almost here! Whether you’re new to working out, a weekend athlete or you work out every day, there are certain items you’ll need to support the increased demands on your body as you exercise in the heat.…

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5 Highly Effective Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Are you bothered by the appearance of cellulite? You’re certainly not alone, as cellulite is a very widespread skin problem that affects countless women, both young and old. Cellulite itself manifests primarily as small to large sized bulges, dimples and dents on the hips, buttocks and thighs. While it’s painless and harmless,…

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The Ultimate Cure For A Saggy Butt

Not satisfied with the lower half of your body, namely your rear end? Do you have a mild-to-severe deflation in this area with surrounding skin that appears loose and lax otherwise known as a “saggy butt”. You’re certainly not…

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How to Lose the Gut and Not the Butt

Are you one of many women who are skeptical about weight loss for a fear that losing too much weight will reduce the size of your butt? You might even be one of the “lucky” ones who are naturally…

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3 Ways To Rid Your Body of Stubborn Back Fat

Not satisfied with the overall appearance of your back? Do you have excess ‘flab’ lingering around your lower back and sides that you simply can’t get rid of? What about your upper back? Are you tired of turning around…

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Losing Weight Without Losing The Boobs

Many women are skeptical about weight loss for a fear that losing too much will reduce the size of their breasts. Since a large majority of breast tissue is comprised of fat (adipose tissue), this is an understandable concern.…

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The Best Weight Loss Plan for “Big-Boned” Women

Many overweight women tend to misconstrue the term “big-boned” in order to justify their size. However, some do have naturally larger frames due to a relatively larger bone structure. Interestingly enough, although women with big bones tend to have larger frames, they…