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Five Cheap Ways to Create a Home Gym

These days many commercialized gyms are social clubs, having a large presence of highly fit, athletic, and able-bodied men and women, which, in and of itself, can intimate others who are less fit. So much in fact that novice…

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The Best Exercise Equipment for Toning Your Hips

When it comes to toning your hips you’ll need to choose resistance equipment that allows you to work all the major muscle groups in this area. These muscle groups include the glutes (buttocks), quadriceps, and hamstrings in addition to the…

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Different Types of Weight Training Equipment

When it comes to weight training, you need to choose exercises and equipment that tax all the major muscle groups of your upper and lower body. A good weight training routine should include at least eight different exercises which…

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The Best Way to Use a Leg Press Machine

Most health clubs and gyms are packed full of the newest weight lifting equipment. A particularly diverse piece of equipment that I’m often asked about is the leg press machine. As implied by its name, the leg press is primarily designed to train lower…

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Three Exercise Machines That May Not Be Worth Your Time

Exercise machines are great if you’re new to working out, trying to isolate certain muscle groups or even if you’re just looking to change up your workouts. But, all exercise machines aren’t necessarily useful. Given that lack of time, is the most commonly cited reason…