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Live Well

Refreshingly Guilt-Free Cocktails for Summer

Alcoholic cocktails are often the focal point of social events and gatherings, especially during the summer months. But, if you’re watching your weight, constantly indulging can put a real hurt on the calorie budget. Among all alcoholic cocktails, mixed…

Live Well

How Drinking Red Wine Every Day Supports Good Health

Occasional alcohol consumption has proven health benefits. This holds especially true for red wine, as it contains numerous all-natural chemicals that help prevent disease and promote overall good health. Interestingly enough, both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic constituents of red…

Live Well

Simple Ways to Enjoy Alcohol Without Gaining Weight

Occasional drinking has clear health benefits but drinking too much can exert numerous adverse side effects including unwanted weight gain. Alcoholic beverages are derived from simple sugars and starches but they actually contain more calories than these carbohydrates. In…