With a wealth of personal and professional insights and a versatile background in exercise physiology, nutrition, health promotion, wellness and rehabilitation, Dr. Nina delivers high-touch, hands-on prevention and self-care focused coaching, mentoring and training services to individuals, teams, groups and workforces within nonprofits and for-profit organizations.

She also offers multidisciplinary continuing education opportunities for health professionals, health practitioners and students.

Dr. Nina firmly believes that maintaining physical, mental and emotional fitness with adequate self-care is crucial for overall health and happiness, both personally and in the workplace. Her personal mission is to engage and educate others, arming them with the knowledge, strategies and tools necessary for managing their personal health through strategic self-care.

Self-care is indeed the new healthcare. An intact self not only improves health outcomes, but it also bolsters productivity and professional growth.


With notable ‘street cred’ in the self-care arena, Dr. Nina regularly shares her unique insights with health professionals and practitioners in continuing education settings. She also offers coaching, mentoring and training services for individuals, teams, groups and workforces.


A translational scientist with practical and analytical expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition, health promotion, wellness and rehabilitation, Dr. Nina specializes in developing customized, coordinated lifestyle-driven prevention frameworks for highly prevalent chronic diseases.


A powerful speaker, Dr. Nina is regularly called on for keynotes, lectures, workshops and seminars in a variety of settings. Whether a small group of 20, a large group of 200 or an online viewership, she has a natural knack for keeping her audiences captivated and fully engaged.


Dr. Nina advises primarily on the personalization of consumer-facing, patient-centered health services and digital solutions. Bridging the gap between data science and decision making, she helps clients transform health information into actionable insights and improved outcomes.

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Dr. Nina draws on nearly 20 years of practical and analytical expertise to build personalized frameworks that improve the implementation of preventive healthcare services, increase consumer and patient engagement in self-care, and, ultimately, deliver exceptional real-world health outcomes.

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