I bring to the table years of innovation and leadership experience. Though my knowledge and areas of expertise are vast, I primarily provide strategic and tactical guidance for health professionals, healthcare systems and business leaders, mainly in relation to the design and implementation of self-management programs, integrative healthcare paradigms, and population health management systems.

I’m a change agent with a solution-oriented mindset nurtured by my long-standing tenures in research and industry consulting. Leading by example, I pride myself on being able to inspire and motivate others to achieve personal and organizational goals and objectives.

I love leading projects that have real-world applications and meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Translational Scientist

I am a scientist with multidisciplinary research experience, clinical training and industry expertise grounded in health promotion, wellness and evidence-based self-management, population health management, and integrative healthcare paradigms.

Healthcare Consultant

As a forward-thinking problem solver, I continuously analyze trends in healthcare, evaluate healthcare delivery models, and provide strategic advice and recommendations on the most appropriate courses of action for clients and business partners.

Self-Care Advocate

As a thought leader and subject matter expert in prevention and self-care, I shape and drive advocacy initiatives that improve health outcomes. My insights have been published in over two dozen scholarly manuscripts and nearly 900 consumer articles across multiple media outlets.


A public speaker with a non-traditional personal journey and ever-evolving career endeavors, I am regularly called on for keynotes, lectures, workshops and seminars in a variety of settings including colleges and universities, corporations, and professional organizations.

We Need to Talk

I have built my career in a variety of professional and entrepreneurial roles amid the intersecting worlds of health, fitness and medicine so I’m more than certain that my diverse skillset and experience will be of great value to you.

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