A firm believer in the empowering role of education, I offer multidisciplinary continuing education opportunities for health professionals, practitioners and students, primarily in the areas of integrative health and wellness, fitness optimization, and disease prevention. I also deliver high-touch, hands-on healthy living and self-care focused education and training services to individuals, teams, groups and workforces within nonprofits and for-profit organizations.

As a scientist and health coach with a vast repertoire of knowledge and expertise grounded in exercise science, fitness, wellness, nutrition and rehabilitation, I specialize in developing customized, integrative lifestyle-driven prevention frameworks for highly prevalent chronic diseases. My professional insights and perspectives have been published in over two dozen scholarly manuscripts and nearly 900 mainstream articles across multiple media outlets.

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I feel a real sense of duty to engage and educate others, arming them with the knowledge, strategies and tools necessary for fully optimizing their health, wellness and longevity.

Higher Education

Within higher education settings, I’ve taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in the areas of exercise science, nutrition, health promotion, physical therapy and rehabilitation. I’ve also provided laboratory training in biometric health screenings and cardiovascular diagnostics.

Continuing Education

Fostering opportunities for health professionals and practitioners to transform the most up-to-date research knowledge into action, I regularly offer online and onsite continuing education courses focused on integrative health and wellness, fitness optimization, and disease prevention.

Community Education

Leveraging a community-based approach to chronic disease prevention, I’ve partnered with educational institutions, faith-based groups, public agencies, shelter providers, and other community organizations to deliver community-wide health education and outreach programs.

Workplace Wellness

Partnering with employers in their efforts to promote employee wellbeing, I’ve developed multiple health education and health promotion programs in various workforce sectors, focusing largely on self-care behaviors and strategies for health optimization and career longevity.

Solutions Start Here

I offer practical, expert insights and personalized, integrated services and solutions for optimizing and promoting health, wellness and longevity. Whether you’re looking for individual services or business solutions, I’m certain my offerings will be of great value to you.

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