Hire me as your professional consultant. I offer extensive research experience, clinical training and subject matter expertise in personal health, self-care, and chronic disease prevention. Drawing from a comprehensive science background in kinesiology, integrative physiology, nutrition, wellness and rehabilitation, I specialize in the development of lifestyle-driven frameworks for health promotion and risk reduction, self-management, and population health management.

Working closely with individuals and teams across a range of organizations (academic institutions, hospitals and health systems, technology companies, consulting firms and community organizations), I advise largely on the personalization of consumer-facing, patient-centered services, digital products and solutions. Generally assuming the role of “data translator,” I help clients transform complex data into actionable insights and improved outcomes.

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I love taking on projects that bring about dialogue and action between healthcare and business professionals as these tend to have real-world applications and meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Consulting Practice Areas

Translational Research

I offer consultancy within translational science, leveraging research to provide expert insights into the physical, physiological and psychological effects of lifestyle interventions (exercise, diet and stress management) in order to make recommendations and identify new opportunities.

Professional Learning

Within the education sector, I provide strategic direction for the design and development of continuing education paradigms and other self-sustaining revenue streams including certificate programs, online media and didactic modules aimed at health professionals and practitioners.

Workplace Wellness

Partnering with employers in their efforts to promote employee wellbeing, I provide training and advisory services for health promotion programs in various workforce sectors, focusing largely on self-care behaviors and strategies for health optimization and career longevity.

Health Technology

Leveraging my analytical background, I conduct extensive market research and provide strategic and tactical guidance for businesses in relation to technology adoption and the development of new technologies aimed at self-care and chronic disease prevention and management.

Solutions Start Here

I offer practical, expert insights and personalized, integrated services and solutions for optimizing and promoting health, wellness and longevity. Whether you’re looking for individual services or business solutions, I’m certain my offerings will be of great value to you.

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