Though Dr. Nina’s knowledge and areas of expertise are vast, she advises primarily on matters related to consumer and patient engagement, satisfaction and retention including the personalization of health services and digital solutions involving telemedicine and telehealth, mobile health, wearables, remote monitoring, and application software.

She has worked with individuals and teams across a wide range of organizations including academic institutions, hospitals and health systems, technology companies, consulting firms, nonprofits and community organizations.

In addition, Dr. Nina maintains an active voice on healthcare policy, practice and research, and promotes meaningful dialogue among health professionals, healthcare providers and business leaders with the expectation of shared excellence in the care and support of the patients, consumers and communities they serve.

I apply empirical research and tacit knowledge to help design, evaluate and continually refine real-world solutions to prevent chronic diseases and enable effective self-care.


Dr. Nina advises primarily on the personalization of consumer-facing, patient-centered health services and digital solutions. Bridging the gap between data science and decision making, she helps clients transform health information into actionable insights and improved outcomes.


A translational scientist with practical and analytical expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition, health promotion, wellness and rehabilitation, Dr. Nina specializes in developing customized, coordinated lifestyle-driven prevention frameworks for highly prevalent chronic diseases.


A powerful speaker, Dr. Nina is regularly called on for keynotes, lectures, workshops and seminars in a variety of settings. Whether a small group of 20, a large group of 200 or an online viewership, she has a natural knack for keeping her audiences captivated and fully engaged.


Dr. Nina has a diverse writing portfolio including over two dozen scholarly manuscripts, a weight loss-centered self-help book, and nearly 900 mainstream publications across multiple media outlets. She also maintains a blog offering unique perspectives, advice and guidance on self-care.

Solutions Start Here

Dr. Nina draws on nearly 20 years of practical and analytical expertise to build personalized frameworks that improve the implementation of preventive healthcare services, increase consumer and patient engagement in self-care, and, ultimately, deliver exceptional real-world health outcomes.

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