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Areas of Expertise

A scientist with practical and analytical expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition, health promotion, wellness and rehabilitation, Dr. Nina specializes in developing customized, coordinated lifestyle-driven prevention frameworks for highly prevalent chronic diseases. She possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in the following domains:

  • Population risk reduction and health management
  • Chronic disease detection and management
  • Complementary and integrative rehabilitation modalities
  • Exercise prescription and programming
  • Nutrition interventions for health management
  • Consumer-facing digital health services and solutions
  • Health communication and personalized health marketing

In these domains, she’s designed, developed and conducted quantitative and qualitative research studies within academia and formulated personalized strategies for delivering related programs and services in clinical, community, and workplace settings.


Recent Projects

Dr. Nina has devoted her full attention, energy and expertise to a wide range of projects. Here’s a quick list of some of her most recent undertakings.

  • Spearheaded the ideation and creation of personalized health-specific, web-based solutions and services for enterprise content management platforms and providers in healthcare, workplace, community, fitness and wellness sectors.
  • Conceptualized and established a technology-based health communication and promotion post-baccalaureate certificate program that’s primarily focused on applying research, data analysis and best practices to health communications and social marketing.
  • Led multiple writing projects related to healthy lifestyle promotion practices, formulated strategic frameworks for delivering integrated health services in clinical and workplace settings, and devised standards for building research capacity in the digital health realm.

No project is too large or too small for me to tackle. I can deliver exceptional results with on-time and on-budget execution.

Current Interests

Dr. Nina’s current interests are largely centered on algorithmic design for web-based products, services and programs aimed at chronic disease prevention, risk reduction, and population health management.

She is particularly interested in leveraging digital health technologies (telemedicine and telehealth, mobile health, wearables, remote monitoring, and application software) to deliver high-touch, personalized self-care and self-management support for consumers and patients.

As a subject matter expert, I can work with your data scientist(s) to produce the real-world outcomes you’re looking for.

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