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Areas of Expertise

As a scientist and health coach with analytical expertise, clinical training and industry experience in exercise science, fitness, wellness, nutrition and rehabilitation, I specialize in developing customized, integrative lifestyle-driven prevention frameworks for highly prevalent chronic diseases. I have in-depth knowledge and skills in the following domains:

  • Population risk reduction and health management
  • Chronic disease detection and management
  • Health and wellness promotion and outreach
  • Complementary and integrative rehabilitation modalities
  • Exercise prescription and programming
  • Nutrition interventions for health management
  • Consumer-facing digital health services and solutions
  • Health communication and personalized health marketing

In these domains, I’ve designed, developed and conducted quantitative and qualitative research studies within academia and formulated personalized strategies for delivering related programs and services in clinical, community, and workplace settings.


Recent Projects

In addition to my professional endeavors as a Health Coach, Consultant and Speaker, I’ve devoted my full attention, energy and expertise to a wide range of projects. Here’s a quick list of some of my most recent undertakings.

  • Recognized as a leading expert in preventive medicine, I had the honor of participating in a collaborative writing project for which I co-authored a pioneering policy statement addressing the need for more strategic healthy lifestyle initiatives to combat the global chronic disease epidemic. This statement was jointly published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings and the European Heart Journal.
  • Combining my expertise in the domains of exercise science and manual therapy, I led the ideation and execution of a pioneering study investigating the circulatory effects of massage therapy on muscle injury. My initial findings were published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and syndicated to over 50 top national and international media outlets.
  • During my stint as a research faculty member at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), I conceptualized and established a post-baccalaureate certificate program focused on technology-driven health communication and promotion. I designed this program to prepare health professionals for successful industry and research specialties in digital health communication and strategic social marketing.

Current Interests

My current interests are largely centered on algorithmic design for web-based products, services and programs aimed at chronic disease prevention, risk reduction, and population health management.

I’m particularly interested in leveraging digital health technologies (telemedicine and telehealth, mobile health, wearables, remote monitoring, and application software) to deliver high-touch, personalized self-care and self-management support for consumers and patients.

I am always looking to build new networks, partnerships, and collaborative relationships with individuals and entities who share my interests so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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