Six Clever Products That Support Healthier Snacking

Maintaining healthy eating habits can often be difficult during summer months. With all the picnics, trips, and outings, many people just tend to fall off the bandwagon. To stop this from happening, it’s always a good idea to plan your meals in advance and make sure that wholesome foods are always at your fingertips. This holds especially true when it comes to snack foods.

Besides the obvious choices like vegetables and fruit, I’m constantly on the hunt for high-quality convenience foods that can help simplify the planning process. For months I’ve tried out a wide range of clever products in hopes of dishing out some good recommendations for summer snacking. Here are six of my personal favorites.

1. Crunchies

CrunchiesWhether you’re packing your own foods for travel or just searching for nutritious portable snacks to please your palate, Crunchies are indeed a must try! These interesting munchies are simply freeze-dried fruit and veggies bundled in convenient snack-sized bags. That’s it! Nothing added at all. The flavors stamped on each bag are the only ingredients present.

Plus, at a mere 40 calories per serving, Crunchies supply a hearty dose of vitamin C, making them a choice food for weight watchers, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes. Available in flavors like Strawberry Banana, Blueberries, and Beets, all varieties are non-GMO, heart-healthy, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free making them an excellent substitute for those empty-calorie snacks.

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2. Cheese Dippers by The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow Cheese DippersI used to love Handi-Snacks as a kid but the list of ingredients housed in these artificial cheese dips is almost long enough to cover an entire package. If you’re a real cheese fan like myself, the Laughing Cow brand’s new portable Cheese Dippers are a much better alternative. Like Handi-Snacks, their small size and individual packaging makes them perfect for on the go snacking.

Cheese Dippers combine the brand’s classic rich and creamy Swiss cheese with a delicious stack of crunchy breadsticks. At just 100 calories, each serving supplies 20 percent of a day’s worth of calcium along with four grams of high-quality protein. To top it off, Cheese Dippers contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring.

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3. Mediterra Bars

Mediterra Nutrition BarsI’m a diehard advocate for the Mediterranean style of eating, which is why I highly recommend Mediterra Bars as a quick, convenient, wholesome snack. Whether you’re at home or work, enjoying a workout or just running around, Mediterra Bars serve up a healthy composition of nutrients with a gourmet taste you’ll actually enjoy.

Wholly inspired by the Mediterranean diet, these bars come in six unique flavors each of which is packed full of dietary fiber, good fats, and protein (5-6 grams per bar).

I personally love the Sesame Energy Bar with Orange & Honey and the Yogurt & Oat Bar with Cherry & Pistachio flavor, as both pair very well with a good cup of coffee or tea.

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