Product Review: A Closer Look at Modere Solutions for Weight Management

As a health expert, writer and blogger, I’m constantly on the hunt for new and innovative health-promoting products and brands that are both effective and safe. This holds especially true for weight loss foods, supplements and services, as Americans spend an estimated $42 billion annually on such aids. A brand that recently caught my attention is Modere.

Modere is a global online retailor and manufacturer of everyday personal care essentials and lifestyle-related products. Among their many health and wellness products, Modere offers a unique collection of foods and supplements that can greatly support long-term weight management by helping to boost the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms, curb hunger, and control appetite.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some of these weight management aids and have been quite impressed to say the least. Based on careful scrutiny of their product line, here are four weight management products by Modere that I highly recommend trying.

1. Fiber by Modere

Fiber ModereRegular intake of fiber can effectively curb hunger by increasing feelings of fullness making it easy to eat less and lose weight. You can substantially boost your daily fiber intake with Fiber by Modere, as it contains a host of all-natural ingredients that offer health benefits similar to those of fiber-rich whole foods like vegetables and fruits, legumes, and whole grains.

The average person should take in between 20 and 35 grams of fiber each day, ideally through a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Consuming soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels while insoluble fiber promotes healthy elimination of waste products from the body. At approximately 6 grams per serving, Fiber by Modere delivers a healthy blend of both these fibers.

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2. Triple Thick Protein Shake

Whether your goals are centered on weight loss, weight maintenance, or even weight gain, protein is the most important nutrient to consume, as it is critical for maximizing fat burning and preventing muscle wasting. While you can get an ample dose of high-quality protein from animal-based foods and soy products, the Triple Thick Protein Shake by Modere is a quick, convenient and healthy way to really boost your intake.

As a good rule of thumb, you should consume at least 0.50-0.60 grams of protein per pound of your body weight each day. This essentially equates to 75-90 grams for a 150-pound body.

Triple Thick Protein Shake Modere

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At only 120 calories with a mere gram of sugar, a single serving of the Triple Thick Protein Shake supplies a whopping 21 grams of high-quality ultra-filtered whey protein isolate, which includes the branched chain amino acids that support muscle growth and recovery.

This shake also houses sizeable portions of key health-promoting micronutrients like calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium.

Sadly, while there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned chocolate milkshake, the chief downside to this particular Modere product is the utter lack of different flavor varieties.

3. Carb Blocker

Carb Blocker ModereThose of you who follow me are fully aware that I’m not at all a ‘carb hater’, as I always emphasize the importance of incorporating sensible portios of high-quality (“good”) carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, and whole grains) into all meals. For these reasons, I’ll admit that I was a tad bit skeptical when it came to trying out a specific supplement called Carb Blocker by Modere.

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When it comes to carbohydrates, problems generally arise when too many are consumed too often, especially when it comes to starch-rich carbs like whole grain foods, sweet and white potatoes, peas, and corn. As such, in the event that you’re taking in more starches than normal, Carb Blocker can help. In fact, after using this product I can personally attest that it delivers clear results, over time.

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Since I regularly incorporate healthy starches (potatoes and brown rice) into my diet, I decided to start taking a few blockers prior to consuming these foods as directed by the company. I should also mention that I made an all-out effort to maintain my normal diet and exercise behaviors the entire time. After a month of using the product I lost a total of four pounds with noticeable flattening of my tummy.

Carb Blocker is primarily comprised of white kidney bean extract, a fiber-mimicking substance that’s known to inherently delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. The nature of my results (weight loss and belly flattening) is indeed indicative of such actions. Now, whether or not this was inherently a result of water loss remains to be seen. After all, carbohydrates do hold water. Still, if you’re looking for ways to boost your weight loss efforts, this product is worth a try.

4. Satiety Chews

Satiety Chews Modere

Constant hunger or increased appetite can greatly sabotage your weight loss efforts and possibly even lead to weight gain, especially if you tend to snack a lot. Now, while hunger and appetite are complex processes driven by a number of different factors (mood, activity habits and hormones), there are certain strategies you can implement to curb both.

My new personal favorite hunger-curbing strategy is Satiety Chews by Modere.

These chews are deliciously sweet 20-calorie treats that essentially provide a quick burst of fuel to maintain blood sugar levels when they’re low.

This is especially valuable between meals or during times when eating just isn’t convenient. For me, Satiety Chews have been a Godsend during prolonged sitting in work meetings or rush hour traffic. Not only do they taste like Starburst candies but popping a couple can relieve hunger pangs almost instantly.

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The Net-Net

Long-term weight management requires close and continuous attention to good nutrition and calorie balance. As a health and wellness expert, I’m all about novel products and brands that make these processes easier for the average person. After careful evaluation of Modere’s exclusive collection of health and wellness products, I can confidently recommend them for your personal health and wellness needs.

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