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Healthy Lifestyle-Centric Products Every Woman Needs

As a health expert and blogger, avid athlete, wife and mother, I’m always on the hunt for practical and affordable solutions that make it easier for women to put their health first. I especially like products that make healthy living a little more exciting and fun so it’s easier to stick with. Periodically, I try out a wide range of healthy lifestyle-centric products in hopes of dishing out some good recommendations for women. Here’s a review of my latest top 5 picks!

1. Strong Stride Resistance Bands and Fit Grip

Strong Stride Set Nina Cherie Franklin PhDMany women tend to avoid weight training for a fear of “bulking up” or “getting bigger”. For these women, I often recommend high-repetition resistance band training. Not only does training this way support muscle building and strength development but it also elevates the metabolic rate in a way that greatly promotes weight loss and long-term weight control.

I particularly love Strong Stride Resistance Bands due to their simple functionality, high versatility, and low cost.

The set itself includes five color-coded resistance bands ranging from 4-75 pounds in weight. Each band features a specialized metal clipping system built to attach to the FitGrip. This is an innovative design that makes the bands highly portable and compact, as the handles of traditional resistance bands generally take up a lot of unnecessary space. A small carrying bag is also included with the set, which allows for easy packing, storing and use during travel.

FitGripandBand grande

In addition, the set includes a door anchor, ankle straps, and soft foam handles that allow you to perform compound and isolated exercises for the upper and lower body in one simple system. I regularly incorporate high-repetition resistance band work into my weight training routine and I highly recommend the Strong Stride brand.

Get your very own set today by visiting getyourstrongstride.com. Use code NINACHERIE and receive $5.00 off your purchase.

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2. Essential Mints

Essential Mints Nina Cherie Franklin PhDBreath mints are one thing that every woman should always have in her bag. With Essential Mints you can actually freshen your breath, boost your energy levels, and potentially drop a couple of stubborn pounds while doing so.

Essential Mints are derived from natural energy-enhancing, fat-burning nutrients like peppermint, garcinia cambogia, green coffee and saffron extract, all of which have potent appetite suppressing effects as well.

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While I’ve taken a fat burner or two back in my heyday, I’ve never personally recommended a brand. But, I just love these mints and, more important, the relatively short list of high-quality raw ingredients they contain. Essential Mints are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of GMOs. As you would do with Tic-Tacs or Altoids, simply pop 1-2 mints every hour for up to 6-10 hours a day and experience the difference.

Energizing PeppermintsWhen combined with a sensible eating plan and a proper exercise routine, the ingredients housed in Essential Mints can greatly optimize your body’s fat-burning potential, which is why I have no problem recommending them. Plus, they taste great so it’s really a win-win! Interested in getting your own stash? Essential Mints are currently available for purchase at EssentialMints.com. Use code NINA15 for a 15% storewide discount plus free shipping!

3. Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

SheFit Bra Nina Cherie Franklin PhDEvery woman should own a good sports bra. Whether you’re a weekend athlete or you work out every day, failing to wear a supportive and properly fitting bra during exercise can put undue stress and strain on your breasts, even if they are relatively small. I’m a Nike fan myself but after hearing a lot about the Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra and later seeing the brand featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, I was pretty curious about the product.

I actually had a chance to meet and chat with owner Sara Moylan during a Health and Wellness Expo and she convinced me to give her brand a try. Needless to say, I tried the Ultimate Sports Bra and I loved it.

Now, I must warn you, this bra is the real deal. It literally gives you the support and protection of armor! The band and shoulder straps of the bra are fully adjustable and virtually stretch-resistant so you can get the same fit each and every time you wear it.

Given my extreme pear shape, I opted for a smaller size but my sister, who’s a true apple shape in the tig ol’ bitty club, purchased a much larger size. Interestingly enough, even with the variation in our sizes, we both experience equal breast support when wearing our bras. The Ultimate Sports Bra really does meet the unique needs of every woman, no matter her size, shape or form. Get yours by visiting shefit.com and receive free shipping on your purchase of $65.00 or more.

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