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12 Foods that Speed Up Recovery After Surgery

Successful recovery from any surgery is highly contingent on the body’s ability to control inflammation. This is a normal response and is essentially the body’s chief defense mechanism. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe and generally include swelling, pain, and loss of function. In spite of these undesirable effects, the inflammatory response must be […]

How Performing Too Many Sit-Ups and Leg Raises Can Be Bad For You

Many people spend large chunks of their valuable workout time repeatedly performing trunk-flexing exercises like sit ups and leg raises in an effort to develop sexy, flat abdominal muscles. Generally speaking, these are the superficial muscles that people can see like the rectus abdominis (“six pack”) and obliques (those “hands-in-pockets” looking muscles underneath the love handles). 

Why Water is More Important Than Food

Water is perhaps the most overlooked yet most essential nutrient in a healthy, balanced diet, as nearly every cell, tissue and organ system depends on it. While water doesn’t supply the body with energy in the form of calories, the body’s actual need for it far outweighs that of any calorie-containing food. In fact, you […]

Chicken and Kale Street-Style Tacos

I’ve always been a fan of tacos. From soft to hard shell, traditional to creative, meat-filled to meatless, I’ve tried just about every type of taco there is. Authentic “street tacos” are my personal favorite, though you generally won’t find them on a list of healthy food choices. 

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally with Exercise

High cholesterol (also known as hypercholesterolemia) is a chronic health condition in which there’s too much “bad” cholesterol and an abundance of triglycerides (fats from foods) floating around in the bloodstream. Although heredity and other uncontrollable factors like age and gender can often influence the development of high cholesterol, in addition to eating the right foods, […]

Low-Carb Seafood Chowder with Sausage

As a Chicago native, there’s nothing I love more than a bowl of hearty, hot stew or soup during winter months. While chowders are my soup of choice, they generally come with a whole lot of unnecessary carbs. Now, I generally don’t shun carbs, nor do I follow a structured “low-carb” diet. I do, however, choose my carbohydrates wisely. […]

Dieting: How to Make It Work for You

I’m often asked, “What’s the best diet for weight loss?” Honestly, I almost never give a straight answer to this question because, quite frankly, any “diet” that involves masterful manipulation of calories and/or macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat, and protein) can inherently support weight loss.