I’m Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin

Over 20 years ago, I left my native community of Englewood (Chicago) as a first-generation college student. I had no money and no solid plan, but I did have lofty ambitions of changing people’s lives in healthy ways.

Solely motivated by my ambitions, I earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology and Movement Science, and simultaneously completed a Clinical Massage Therapy Sciences diploma program. I also earned professional certifications in exercise physiology and group exercise after which I launched my first health coaching and consulting company.

This was the point at which I began to design my own personalized system to support healthy lifestyle behaviors among people with various goals ranging from weight loss to chronic disease management.

What I Do

Though I’ve already introduced myself as a Health Coach, Educator and Speaker, this only gives you a quick snapshot of what I do. I’ve worn many hats over the past 20 years, from group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and clinical massage therapist, to research scientist, healthcare consultant, and serial entrepreneur, to avid athlete, wife and mother.

Truth is, I juggle multiple roles and do many things on any given day. But, everything I do revolves around promoting healthy living, preventing chronic diseases, and helping others discover, unearth and construct their own unique paths to optimal health, wellness and longevity.

I focus largely on matters related to lifestyle and weight management, self-care, personal health and fitness optimization. This stems from my firm belief that physical and mental fitness, a positive body image, and adequate self-care are the quintessential keys to improved health and wellbeing, increased happiness, and overall life satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for personal optimization or business solutions, I’m certain my services will be of great value to you.

My Credentials


University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

PhD in Kinesiology, Nutrition and Rehabilitation

With translational research concentrations in integrative physiology and vascular biology, I largely examined the physical and physiological impacts of various lifestyle interventions (diet, exercise, and manual therapy) on cardiovascular disease, stroke and metabolic disease-related risk factors among sedentary, overweight and obese populations.

University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)

MS in Movement Science

With rigorous concentrations in clinical and applied exercise physiology, the bulk of my training was centered on exercise prescription for individuals with chronic illnesses (cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, diabetes, and neuromuscular diseases and disabilities) in addition to athletic and non-athletic populations.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

BS in Kinesiology

With areas of specialization in exercise physiology and sports nutrition, health promotion and disease prevention, my undergraduate studies were largely focused on physiological mechanisms by which physical activity and other healthy lifestyle behaviors prevent disease and positively influence health outcomes.

The Soma Institute

Diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy

With specific areas of focus in pain management and physical rehabilitation, my training was primarily centered on the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injury and dysfunction using specialized techniques ranging from deep tissue massage to neuromuscular therapy to trigger point work.


American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness)

Health Coaching

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Exercise Physiology

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Group Exercise

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)

Clinical Massage Therapy

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