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About Dr. Nina

For more than 20 years Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin (“Dr. Nina”) has been on a mission to make healthy living approachable, sustainable, and, above all, enjoyable for ordinary people. Whether tackling the topics of weight management, fitness and self-care or disease prevention, her goal is to help others carve out their own individual paths to long-lasting success.

Holding multiple degrees in exercise science, nutrition and rehabilitation, and numerous specialty certifications in the health, wellness and fitness arena, Dr. Nina’s expertise stems from a solid foundation of scientific research, hands-on experience, and industry know-how.

A sought-after consultant, speaker and author, she has worn professional hats in the corporate and commercial fitness industry, academia, medicine, nonprofit sectors and the blogosphere. Well-known for her unique perspectives and reputation for talking the talk and walking the walk, Dr. Nina has built authority as a trustworthy expert for both consumers and businesses alike.

Work with Dr. Nina

Exercise & Nutrition Interventions

An exercise scientist, certified exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Dr. Nina specializes in designing, developing and evaluating comprehensive interventions for health and fitness optimization, weight management and chronic disease prevention.

Wellness Programs & Services

Working both independently and through partnerships, Dr. Nina offers customized training, workshops and advisory services aimed at promoting wellness, supporting self-care and improving health outcomes in workplace and community settings.

Health Education & Promotion

Dr. Nina designs, creates and evaluates consumer/community health and patient education resources, information and materials in addition to didactics and continuing education programs aimed at health professionals, practitioners and students.

Health Coaching & Advising

A certified health coach with expertise in nutrition, exercise prescription and behavior modification, Dr. Nina creates and offers advisory on programs, services and solutions aimed at improving consumer/community health and patient-centered outcomes.

Content Development

A go-to industry expert, blogger and influencer, Dr. Nina offers fresh insights, provides unique perspectives and produces high-quality content on a range of topics within the realms of health, wellness, fitness, rehabilitation and lifestyle medicine.

Market Research & Due Diligence

Leveraging her analytical background and vast knowledge of the health, wellness and fitness industry, Dr. Nina conducts market research and delivers due diligence to identify risks, gaps and opportunities for new products and services.

Get in Touch

A trusted healthy lifestyle expert and industry thought leader, Dr. Nina offers a full array of personalized services and solutions for consumers and businesses. Get in touch for quotes, booking enquiries or other information.

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